Properties and benefits of spinach for skin and hair beauty and treatment of diseases
Spinach should be called a versatile vegetable. The properties of spinach for the internal organs of the body and the health and beauty of the skin and slimming along with the treatment of various diseases are part of the world of spinach properties. Spinach is generally considered a “superfood” and is generally used as the healthiest and most convenient food for humans and can be eaten strangely in a variety of ways. In the continuation of this part of nutritional nutrition, you will get wet with the world of Anna spinach properties.

Minerals and vitamins in spinach
The following items are available in 100 grams of raw spinach

20 calorie energy
90 g water
3 grams of protein
Fat 0/3 g
Starchy material 3.5 g
Calcium 90 mg
Phosphorus 50 mg
Iron 2/2 mg
Sodium 70 mg
Potassium 470 mg
Vitamin A 6000 units

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