Properties of azalea
The fruit of the caraway is pear-shaped and slightly larger than the aloe vera, yellow or orange, and some parts are red. This fruit has a pleasant taste and its taste is something between the taste of mango and peach. This fruit can be eaten fresh or dried.

Caraway fruits contain nutrients that are good for health. This fruit contains large amounts of vitamins B2, B1, C and A and is also used for its medicinal properties. This plant contains tannins, proteins, natural organic acids and pectin with small amounts of carbohydrates. Minerals such as calcium, potassium, iron and magnesium are also found in this fruit, which helps boost the health of the immune system. Daily consumption of this fruit is beneficial for people with kidney and liver diseases. It strengthens the health of the organs and body by detoxifying and hydrating.

Nature of warts
Regarding the nature of azalea fruit, we must say that the nature of azalea is cold and dry, and this fruit is suitable and useful for people with warm and wet temperament, and its consumption in people who have a cold and dry temperament will cause side effects. If these people want to consume sorrel, they should consume this fruit with its remedy (honey), so that their body does not face any problems.

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