Properties of cashews
1. Increase male fertility
According to Italian doctors, daily consumption of cashews increases fertility in men by increasing sperm production.

۲. Prevention of heart disease during pregnancy
Almonds are rich in B vitamins and in addition to being a great snack for pregnant mothers, they reduce cracks in the abdomen. The high levels of magnesium and iron in cashews are also helpful in preventing pregnant women from developing heart disease and preventing anemia.

3. Treatment of pediatric anemia
Almonds, with their high protein content, make children have healthier bones and stronger muscles. Anemia in children can also be treated with cashews.

4. Prevents hair bleaching
The copper element in cashew nuts strengthens and enhances hair growth and prevents hair loss and bleaching.

5. Skin rejuvenation
Almonds are a rich source of copper and iron that prevent wrinkles and rejuvenate facial skin; According to researchers, cashews prevent people from developing skin cancer.

6. Acne treatment
The selenium element in cashews treats acne and facial acne by reducing skin inflammation and eliminating pimples.

7. Treatment of diabetes
Almonds are one of the best nuts because they are low in sugar and cholesterol. Research shows that almond hydroanthanol extract is beneficial in preventing high blood sugar and reducing insulin resistance.

8. Slimming and weight loss
Researchers say that people who eat almonds twice a week weigh less than those who eat a variety of diets. Almonds reduce appetite and help detoxify the digestive system by increasing fat burning.

9. Treatment of fatty liver
Regular consumption of almonds helps detoxify the body and cures liver and fatty liver diseases. It has been said that eating almonds can reduce the risk of gallstones.

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