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Mana Bastin Parsian Mehr Company is active in the field of export of agricultural products and various fruits and vegetables in Shiraz city. The existence of management and experienced experts has made this company a reliable and well-known group in the field of export of fruits and vegetables. Converted with the Mana Bastian brand. During her many years of activity, Mana Bastin has been able to perform successful business services in various countries, including the United Arab Emirates, Oman and Qatar, and deliver a huge amount of fresh fruits and vegetables daily to her customers. Mastery of export affairs, trade and customs laws, expediting the performance of relevant matters by efficient management and personnel, has led to the success of Mana Bastin.

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Four Seasons Products

Considering that Iran is a country with four seasons of products including fruits and vegetables, Mana Bastin Production and Export Group has tried to provide the products you request …

Shipping methods

According to the fruit and vegetable market of the destination country, the most suitable and least expensive method of transportation to transport products to the destination is considered so that your cargo is guaranteed and the best …

Export packaging

To increase the satisfaction of foreign customers and buyers, we use the best type of packaging produced from quality cartons. Antibacterial sorting and packaging …

Supply of products

Mana Bastin Parsian Mehr Trading Company, during its presence in the fruit and vegetable market, has identified the barriers to the supply of summer vegetables, fruits and vegetables for export and has been able to create a database …

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